Smart Poker Table

Our “Smart Poker Table” detects the players’ cards as well as the community cards. It computes the winning probabilities for each player, according to the rules of Texas Hold’em, and renders them onto a screen.

Team members. Felix Starke, Tobias Robl, Pascal Meßner, and Timo Denk

Technical details. The software that reads the RFID readers is written in Node.js and C++. It makes API calls to a Java application that computes the probabilities. The UI itself is connected the Node.js backend through

MusicBazanji – Life I Chose, inspired by Daniel Negreanu.

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Timo Denk

Software developer at SAP and Denk Development, student of Applied Computer Science at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University. Interested in programming, math, microcontrollers, and sports.

5 thoughts on “Smart Poker Table”

  1. Nice job! I wonder if this is actually useful since as far as I know it’s not really the point to know the other players’ cards, right? So was this mainly a cool project that was fun to do, or is there some value to it for the game? Or potentially so that viewers of a game, if it was Livestreamed online or so, can see what’s going on?

    1. Hey Leander, thanks for reaching out! Right now it was rather a “look, that’s cool use-case”. But potential ways of using it include what you’ve mentioned, i.e. (1) streaming it (with a short delay) to people who follow along. Besides that it would be an application to (2) record the game and watch it afterwards to improve your style of play.

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