All My 3D Prints of 2021

Last year I published a blog post with all my 3d printing projects of the year 2020. The idea was to have an exhaustive list to not forget about “that tiny glass holder for the balcony rail” and other smaller projects of that kind. Scrolling through the list later on proved to be fun, so I intend to archive this year’s prints in the same fashion in this blog post.

Each project is tagged with three labels indicating

  • the designer of the 3D model, which is either own, a friend, or someone on the internet;
  • the complexity of the work, grouped into easy, medium, and hard. This is from my perspective. For example a model from the internet might look complicated, but the mere process of downloading and printing it is simple. And lastly
  • the purpose of the project, which is either art, utility, or test.


purpose art // complexity hard // design own // blog post

The first project of the year was also the most ambitious one: Printing a violin was a massive, exciting undertaking.


purpose test // complexity easy // design own

Here Richard and I were messing around with extremely thin prints. We then attached them to pens, trying to make them fly (which did not work out at all).


purpose art // complexity easy // design internet

A Gömböc is a geometrical object with intriguing properties. When placed on an even surface, it turns itself into a specific position regardless of its initial orientation. For the print that did not work 100% reliably, but it’s interesting nonetheless. See this Wikipedia article.

Violin Mute

purpose utility // complexity easy // design internet

I tried to print a mute for the violin. It did not fit onto my violin’s bridge, so dropped the idea.

Switzerland’s Topology

purpose art // complexity medium // design internet

The topology of Switzerland, painted to resemble the Swiss flag.

Google Home Alarm Clock

purpose art // complexity easy // design internet

The Google assistant in a cuter case.

Slovenia’s Topology

purpose art // complexity easy // design internet

Similar to the Swiss topology from above, I printed the Slovenian one for a friend. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo.

Elephant Phone Holder

purpose utility // complexity easy // design internet

No photo available.

Door Grip

purpose utility // complexity easy // design own

A door handle for an otherwise hardly accessible door.

Lamp Hook

purpose utility // complexity easy // design own

A hook to connect the metal hook to the ceiling’s IKEA lamp’s plastic pieces.

Chess Art

purpose art // complexity medium // design internet // blog post

An art project involving chess figures.

Violin String Art

purpose art // complexity easy // design own

An attempt at strings stitched through a canvas, forming the shape of a violin. It did not work out as intended, but for this prototype the 3d-printed “string mount” was needed.

Sheet Music Holder

purpose utility // complexity medium // design own

This mount lets me practice while enjoying the nice view.
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