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Hi there!

My name is Timo Denk, I am n years old and a German Computer Science enthusiast. I am a Research Engineer with Zalando in Berlin, where my tasks range from backend development to data science.

Besides that, I run a one-man business called Denk Development where I create custom software and hardware solutions for customers. Most of the time that involves microcontroller programming.

In my leisure time I like to code even more. Besides that I play the piano and do some sports: playing ultimate frisbee and running are my favorite activities.

An overview about my web pages can be found at sites.timodenk.com.



Arduino · AVR · Teensy


python · java · javascript


arduino · circuits · assembler


calculus · analysis · statistics


Berlin · since Oct 2019
Mixture of backend development and data science and the Zalando subsidiary Zalon.
since June 2016
Mostly microcontroller programming (Arduino, Teensy, etc.) and electronics as well as managing the company.
Walldorf/Berlin · Sep 2016 - Sep 2019
Primarily software development and data science, SAP technologies like SAPUI5 and HANA administration, and customer contact.
Stuttgart · Nov 2015 - Aug 2016
Back end web development (mostly PHP or Node.js), front end web development, start-up environment, and customer contact.
Karlsruhe · Sep 2016 - Sep 2019
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Lectures include mathematics, theoretical and technical computer science, web-engineering, programming, and business administration.
Waiblingen · Sep 2013 - July 2016
Focus on computer science, including the topics: data bases, operating systems, Java, Assembly, logic, networks, and others.

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Timo I. Denk, Christian Reisswig (Sep 2019): Wordgrid: Extending Chargrid with Word-level Information. Bachelor's thesis with SAP's Deep Learning Center of Excellence and DHBW Karlsruhe and paper. [thesis] [paper]

Timo I. Denk, Samed G√ľner (May 2019): Vision-based Page Rank Estimation with Graph Networks. Student research project at DHBW Karlsruhe. [report] [repository]

Timo I. Denk (April 2019): Polynomial-time Approximation Schemes (PTAS). Theoretical Computer Science seminar document. [report] [slides]

Timo I. Denk, Florian Pfisterer (Nov 2018): The LESCI Layer. Summary of our contributions to the 2018 NeurIPS Adversarial Vision Challenge. [report] [repository]

Timo I. Denk (Sep 2018): Text Classification with Separable Convolutional Neural Networks. Report on the work conducted during an internship at SAP Machine Learning Foundation. [report]

Timo I. Denk (Oct 2015): PHP 7.0 (German). Article on the new PHP version 7.0; published in the computer magazine c't. [heise.de] [article]

Timo I. Denk (June 2015): Windows Audio Output Capturing (German). Article on audio output capturing on Windows; published in the computer magazine c't. [heise.de] [article]

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